My published science articles

I have written science articles for a popular online magazine called Insight. These articles are on a topic of my choice that I believe to be fresh and interesting. They are required to be engaging and easy to read, whilst remaining informative. I also like to add a dash of humour!

The potentially magic health benefits lurking in a humble curry spice

For all you curry lovers out there - and curry is our nations favourite cuisine -good news! Turmeric, the brightly coloured spice found in curry powder, boasts an enormous array of health benefits, including newly discovered improvements to memory and mood. So slap on the seconds!Turmeric has pretty special properties because it contains the substance Curcumin, which gives this spice its vibrant yellow colour. The natural healing ability of this substance is due to its incredible anti-in

Psychedelics mind mending powers reported to help treat depression

Depression can be a crippling mental illness, hindering the lives of more than 300 million people globally . Perhaps one of the most common mental illnesses - with 7.8% of people in Britain affected - it is apparent that the quest for long-lasting effective treatment is of particular importance; an ongoing mission to conquer this sometimes fatal hijacker of the mind.Currently, there are a number of treatments available: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), individual and/or group face-to-face ps


I have written a restaurant review for a local food and drinks guide magazine in Bristol and travel reviews for Sawday's Canopy and Stars.